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Wild’s cocktail menu is vibrant, interesting, and intriguing. Our specialty cocktails are crafted to encompass the experience of Wild. They are inspired by the same exotic locations that have influenced our design and atmosphere. Two of our crowd favorites are the Hanoi High Five garnished with a real hemp leaf and the Tangerine Dream dressed with a mouth-tingling electric salt. If you are a coffee lover, we are confident you will be impressed by our single origin coffee cocktails. Do not sleep on our Espresso Martini or the Secret Weapon Carajillo! 


If you are feeling adventurous or already enjoy using hemp products, come and try our hemp-infused elixirs! These drinks are “free-spirited” meaning they do not contain alcohol. This is great way to get a buzz without the hangover! 


We also carry a variety of “free spirited” frozen drinks which can be great for kids and expecting mothers. These can also be upgraded with alcohol or hemp-infusions. There is something for everyone at Wild!


We also have a full bar that specializes in rare tequilas, mezcals, and whiskeys from around the world. 


We invite you in to find the drink of your choice and come experience the world of Wild.

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